#17 – The Second Half – Roy Keane/Roddy Doyle

After a spate of unsatisfying reads I decided to turn to my husband for inspiration for book #17. “I want something different”, I say in the hopes of stumbling across something amazing I’d usualy overlook. So he recommended “The Second Half”. I’ve not read a lot of auto/biographies, but of those I have waded through, … More #17 – The Second Half – Roy Keane/Roddy Doyle

Book #15: Strictly Between Us – Jane Fallon

Tamsin and Michelle have been inseparable since childhood. Even now they spend all their time together, along with Patrick, Michelle’s handsome husband. Except Tamsin’s brilliant assistant Bea (without whom Tamsin’s life would fall apart) has heard a nasty rumour that Patrick is playing away. Determined to uncover the truth, Tamsin devises a honey-trap to test … More Book #15: Strictly Between Us – Jane Fallon

Book #12: Farmer Giles of Ham – J R R Tolkien

As a youngster Farmer Giles of Ham inhabited my bookshelf, along with The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and Smith of Wootton Major.  I vividly recall trying to read all three at various stages, but could never get on with them.  Looking back, as a stalwart Naughty Elizabeth fan, Tolkien was perhaps a little too rich … More Book #12: Farmer Giles of Ham – J R R Tolkien

Book #10: Strands – Jean Sprackland

Strands describes a year’s worth of walking on the ultimate beach: inter-tidal and constantly turning up revelations: mermaid’s purses, lugworms, sea potatoes, messages in bottles, buried cars, beached whales and a perfect cup from a Cunard liner. This is a series of meditations prompted by walking on the wild estuarial beaches of Ainsdale Sands between … More Book #10: Strands – Jean Sprackland