#1: Write a book

Well, it happened. I went and wrote a book. It seems to have taken a ridiculously long amount of time, but also none at all. Tonight though I signed it off as being completely finished.  My deadline was midnight, so I even managed to get it in ahead of the game.  No matter what I … More #1: Write a book

#34: In Bruges

Quite some years ago my husband and I watched “In Bruges”, and laughed our socks off.  It was a great film, and we were left feeling like Bruges looked like a fucking fairytale, and vowed to go and see if for ourselves one day. Which is why it ended up on my Bucket List as … More #34: In Bruges

#4 Get Published

Today is a momentous one for me – I have released my first *baby* in to the wild. No, not one of my still ridiculously young children, although I confess it does feel remarkably similar. As of approximately 15 minutes ago my first short story, Beware the Penguins, is available to read. Which means that … More #4 Get Published

#10: Wine Tasting

Tonight I attended my first ever wine tasting event, which means I get to tick something off my Pail Catalogue/Bucket List. While I like wine, I have to admit I’ve never been that bothered about ensuring what I’m drinking compliments what I’m eating.  I’ve always worked on the basis that I like what I like, … More #10: Wine Tasting